What can I do for you?

After 25+ years in the software industry, I have worked everything from initial programming to Vice President-level leadership, authored seven patents, and worked with scores of companies small and large to optimize their technology, applications, and business continuity. All this expertise and experience I brought to them under a corporate umbrella, I am now in a position to bring to you as an independent consultant. Specific areas of expertise include:

  • Business continuity
  • Project Management
  • Software Development
    • Metrics
    • Organization
    • Process


Bringing enterprise level technology leadership to small and medium level businesses.


Technology Visionary and Strategist with 27 years experience in the software industry. Proven record of building development teams that delivered new and innovative solutions to the marketplace. Extensive managerial experience from VP level coordination of multiple laboratory locations and disciplines (such as services and support), to 1st line development oversight. Experienced in establishing, leading, and directing cross-functional teams within a distributed development environment. Ability to relate with the most demanding customers, grasp their requirements and integrate them into product deliverables in a timely manner. Key ability to communicate as a speaker and relate to large audiences. Author of seven patents.